Free Printable Daycare Contract


Child Daycare Contract / Services Agreement

This Child Daycare Contract between ______________________________________ and


______________________________________ is for the enrollment of


______________________________________ in



(Daycare Name)

_________________ for daycare services under the terms and conditions of this agreement.

(First Day of Enrollment)

Above signed Parent agrees to pay (Full time) $____________ (Part time) $____________ per week for the care of my child(ren) on the following days:


Payment for sevices is to be paid Monday morning prior to care for the upcoming week. A $____________ a day late fee will be charged if your payment is not received on time. Mid week enrollment will be pro-rated.

Parent understands that payment is a guaranteed rate and includes full pay for holidays, with no credit for absent or sick days. If a holiday falls on a Monday when daycare is closed, payment will be accepted on Tuesday with no late charge. If for any reason your child(ren) will not be attending daycare on Monday, parent is still responsible for payment on the scheduled day unless other arrangements have been made. Payments in advance will be accepted. Daycare observes and is closed for the following holidays:

  • New Years Eve Day
  • New Years Day
  • Martin Luther King Day
  • Presidents Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independance Day (4th Of July)
  • Labor Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Veterans Day
  • Thanksgiving (Thursday And Friday)
  • Christmas Eve Day
  • Christmas Day

Note: If a holiday falls on a Saturday, that holiday will be observed on Friday, if a holiday falls on Sunday, that holiday will be observed on Monday. Example 1: If Christmas Eve Day is on Friday and Christmas Day is on Saturday, Christmas Day will be obsereved on Thursday. Example 2: If Christmas Eve Day falls On Sunday and Christmas Day falls on Monday, Christmas Eve Day will be observed on Tuesday. Example 3: If Christmas Eve Day falls on Saturday and Christmas Day falls on Sunday, Christmas Eve Day will be observed on Friday and Christmas Day will be obsereved on Monday.

Vacations: When child(ren) take(s) a vacation, parent is required to provide a two (2) week notice prior to vacation. Parent is allowed 1 (one) week vacation per year at half rate. All other vacations during the same year will require the full rate in order to maintain enrollment in daycare. Parent payment is due prior to your vacation. Provider may take 1-2 weeks vacation per year. Provider will provide four (4) weeks notice to parent prior to vacation and will assist parent in finding alternate care. When provider takes a vacation, provider will not charge parent for care during that period.

Meals: Nutritious meals and snacks will be provided for your child(ren), but they are never forced to eat it. If your child is not eating provider will notify parent immediately.

Serving times are as follows:

Breakfast ________ am to ________ am

Snack _______ am to ________ am

Lunch ________ am/pm to ________ am/pm

Medicine: Provider will administer medicine to your child(ren). Daycare Administer Medicine Form will need to be filled out and signed by the parent. All medicine will be properly stored and the container must be labeled and clearly marked with your child(rens) name(s), the dosage, and times to be administered. Medicine supplied in an unmarked, unlabled container will not be administered.

Immunizations: All children are required to have a photo copy of their current and updated shot records on file. Parents are required to keep their child(rens) shots up to date. (This is very important because State Licensing does come unannounced and will review all paperwork pertaing to daycare).

Illness: We must maintain a healthy environment for the benefit of your child(ren) and the other children enrolled in daycare. A child must stay home if they have a fever (101 or above), are vomiting, has diarrhea, or any illness which is determined to be harmful to your child(ren) or the children enrolled in daycare. If your child becomes ill while at daycare provider will call parent to come pick up their ill child immediately.

Supplies: Provider will supply all the items needed for your child(ren) to play and learn with while in daycare. Items include (but are not limited to): activity coloring books, games, toys, puzzles, outdoor play equipment, etc. If your child brings a toy or an item from home, provider will not be responsible if the toy or item gets lost or broken.

Items required for your child(rens) first day of attendance:

______ Diapers

______ Baby Wipes

______ Extra Set of Clothes

______ Security Item (if needed)

______ Teething Toys (for infants)

______ Bottles (for Infants)

______ Formula (Not Supplied by Provider)

The first ______ days are a probationary period for the provider, parent, and child. This agreement may be terminated by either party at anytime during this period.

Provider keeps records of all payments for daycare and will provide parent with an end of the year statement. If parent requires a weekly receipt please let provider know.

Please notify provider before ________ am if your child will not be attending daycare that day.

A Two (2) week notice must be given by parent to the provider if child(ren) will be leaving daycare.

Parent keep provider updated with any address, employment, phone number, or emergency contact information changes.

Please do not bring candy, gum, balloons, money or any other choking hazards to daycare with your child(ren).

Operating Hours: Daycare opens at ________ am and closes at ________ pm sharp! A late fee of $________ will be assessed for every ________ minutes that a parent is late picking up their child(ren).

I have read and agree to all the terms and conditions of this agreement.

Parent Signature:

____________________________________________________ Date ___________

Daycare Provider:

____________________________________________________ Date ___________